Please your-Self Non-Christmas

Hello everybody,

For the most part of all my friends on FB everybody look forward to Christmas, the shopping, the presents, the cards, the food and drink. Spending your time with loved ones and everything that has to do with the BIG DAY...or do you?
I lost my husband Ian last year and yes, the couple of Christmas' before that weren't easy but last year it turned into just a dreadful reminder of my loss. I know I'm not alone in this as there are many widows, divorcees, single and married couples who absolutely hate 'the season of goodwill' for their own reasons.
Before I met Ian I had 14 years of the same sort of thing. If I could have hibernated those couple of weeks over that period I would have happily done so, but luckily I had a job which meant I could work through it all and allow one of my colleagues to have a family Christmas.
To me, Christmas represents happy families and young children...mine have all grown up with no grandchildren. Those who know me know that I'm not a Scrooge, I just don't want to do Christmas and all the commercialism so here's the plan:

I'm opening my house for up to 4 ladies (3 double rooms and a single) who must be out there who are of the same mind. No TV that represents the Christmas period (I have Netflix) there will be cookery demos, painting, walks etc. I wont have any decorations or Christmas tree up but i hope to create a stress-free environment. That is not to say we won't have fun, just not Christmas...
The cost per day will be 30euro per person B&B from Saturday 23rd December through to Thursday 28th December. I run free cookery demos monthly throughout the winter, paint commissions for charity and run my place as a Chambre D'Hote in the summer.

So the question is: who would like to spend this Help Your-Self Non Christmas with me?

I can arrange pick-up from Nantes, Poitiers or La Rochelle if you're flying in at the cost of the fuel.