We came to sleep, we ended up staying!
— Anon

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We take bookings all year round for the period 29 JUNE - 2 SEPTEMBER. If you wish to reserve a room just send me a message via our contact page.

All the relevant news and information affecting us summarised in an interesting retrospective BLOG on all the happenings here in Le Vendee.

- Where are we? -

  1. From Pouzauges take the D49 SE toward Montournais.
  2. Continue along the D49 for approximately 3 miles. This road will eventually head down a long hill with a s-bend.
  3. Immediately after the s-bend you will see a turning on your left, take that turning toward Les Gibaudieres. **(You will see a railway bridge that crosses the D49 after the s-bend, if you reach this bridge you have gone too far)**
  4. Travel approximately 0.3 miles NE along this road until you reach a few buildings either side of the road, the first turning on your left will take you up a hill passed a house on your right,  there will be fields to your left.
  5. As you reach the brow of the hill you will reach your destination, Wisteria Cottage.

Latitude: 46.76076979

Longitude: -0.78301191


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